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5 Gum moves augmented reality forward with music interface

By now we have all seen examples of augmented reality where you print out a marker, hold it up to your web cam and something comes to life out of the marker. Some of the better ones will even let you take limited control of the creature or play a simple game with them. Wrigley’s 5 Gum has just launched the 5 Gum Augmented Reality Music Mixer that lets you use 4 markers as controls to create your own music mix. The first marker is just use as position and reference for the other three markers that are the real controls. One marker controls the volume of the mix and the close you move it to the reference the loader and softer the music will get. You can also mute any of the elements by putting your hand over the symbol to block it form the camera. You can then rotate the symbols to create different effects in the mix and the tracks. Once you have the hang of it you can record and share your work.

The reason why I like this implementation is that it is moving the technology to a place where it can be used to create an interface and an experience not just jack in the box feeling gimmick. I think this type of execution is where the real potential lies for augmented reality in the future. I have been working in this space because I love the idea of extending a site and an experience into the real work and create a much different and more unique interface than the traditional ones we have been building that are only control by a mouse.

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