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We Choose The Moon is out of this world


I have to give a belated shout out to Domani Studios and The Martin Agency for their fantastic work on We Choose The Moon that celebrates the 40th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 mission to the moon. This was one of those projects where it would have been easy to just throw together the archived video and audio into a slide show and call it a day.  If you spend time with the site you will be able to see the massive size and scope of what they created instead and how serious they were about paying tribute to the momentous occasion. They were so serious that they launched not just on the same day as the anniversary but at exactly the same time as the original rocket launch. From that launch time the the site mirrored the original mission timeline over the next 4 days telling the story in real time minute with a minute account of the mission. It was done with the first ever assembly of 110 hours of audio transmissions, 400 photographs, 44 archival videos, 3D animation and live Twitter feeds in the voice of the astronauts. I find this site impressive not only because of the presentation and amount of content but that they created the experience to play out in real time. I think that decision was really smart because it allowed people to be able to absorb that huge amount of content in manageable bites which allowed them to focus and not gloss over only hitting the highlights. If you missed the initial launch you can still go through the whole experience as the site has transitioned to a more traditional presentation that is still really worth experiencing.

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