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If pixels could give you high cholesterol…


Wisconsin Cheese wants you to use their cheese for your cookouts this summer so they have launched the new that chronicles the 30 greatest cheeseburgers ever made with Wisconsin Cheese. The main navigation is a horizontal slider flips the main content area like a Rolodex. Each page has the recipe for the burger, cheese info and corresponding voice over work is done by Patrick Warburton who will recognize as Joe Swamson from Family Guy.

The site had a large social media tie with with almost every page sporting Facebook and Twitter sharing capabilities but the Facebook integration rarely worked for me. It looks like have been working that angle well as the Facebook fan page has over 37,000 fans but it is unclear if they are a fan of Wisconsin cheese or cheeseburgers.

I am a huge foodie and cook this content is right up my alley but there isn’t any substantial information about what makes Wisconsin cheese different or better than other cheese, what brands are Wisconsin cheese that I should look out for and wasn’t that the point of all of this? If I like a recipe the chances are very high that I am going to take it to the grocery store and buy whatever brand they have because you haven’t educated me on why I should seek out only  Wisconsin cheese. On top of that it is hard to go through this site without wondering what they were thinking because so many of these burgers gleefully highlight ingredients and portions that are insanely high in cholesterol and calories.

I wanted this to be a fun and great food site but between the lack of education and the lack of personality or humor or something to draw me in beyond the photos it didn’t change my shopping habits and I am probably the core demographics they were going for. Maybe the site and content should have been a little cheesier (sorry – couldn’t help myself).

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