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New search tools – AppBoy & Addict-o-matic

I came across two interesting new web search portals today for mobile applications and traditional search I thought I would share to see what you think of them.



Appboy is a fresh social platform with two missions: 1. to get app recommendations and help us discover the ultimate iWesomeness (not just for iPhone, but also for Android and Blackberry apps) and 2. to offer the chance for creative users to post app ideas that the community can vote on in order to get developers convert the idea to code. There’s also a compensation model but you can find out more about this here.
This could be the future of the app discovery tools, as the AppStore is delivering more than 100 apps per day and the best only way to dig out the good ones is with the help of lots of people. By making the recommendation system social Appboy brings democratization to the table and wins a white ball. The design looks good, the Hana-Barberesque robot is a geek magnet and the system works like a charm.

Appboy is a new online platform that was created with two purposes.  FIrst it is a search engine or sorts that will help you weed through the thousands os applications to find the best iPhone, Android and Blackberry apps out there.  You can also post application ideas that the community can vote on in order to get a develop to create it. I can’t find any real examples that this has actaully happened  but if it does you get $250 which does really small given the potential upside and profit a great application could generate. I am curious to see if we will starting seeing more and more sites like this to help you get to the quality application out because when it is left to popularity we are left with fart generators and moron tests.



Addict-o-matic starts out looking like your average search engine that happens to have a large Dyson-esque mascot. You plug in what you are searching for and the site returns the results in 19 separate content boxes that show you results from sources like Twitter, YouTube, Digg, Yahoo Web Search, Flickr and 13 more. You can dig into any one data source if you want to but I found it interesting to try different terms to see the data grouped and displayed in this new way because it gives you a different feel for the results.

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