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Kidrobot creates NYC QR code hunt

Kidrobot has always been pretty savy about using social media to influence their customers and launch new toys. They used MySpace to launch a special Peecol figure where very small numbers of a special figure would be available for free at strange locations like a Chinese take-out stand if you knew the location and secret word you got through MySpace. This morning they launched a new content to hype the launch of their latest Dunny toys where contestants search New York City from today through Friday for secret Dunny Hunt QR codes to build your a virtual collection of up to 22 Dunny Series 2009 virtual toys. They have posted a crude site with the rules, leaderboard and 7 starter locations to get you going. Twitter updates will provide new clues throughout the game. It will be interesting to see if people are willing to run all over the city searching for the codes and spend the time to collect the virtual toys and if they do how quickly people find all the Dunnys and if they will are willing to share their locations.  It is something that I would love to try out, and I am a huge Kidrobot collector, but I just don’t have the free time to even go to one of the seven locations where I know there is a code. To be 14 with all the free time in the world again…

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