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3 creative Twitter expressions

I came across three new and very interesting sites that use Tweets for their content and are expressed in different and unique ways.


Tori’s Eye

Tori’s Eye creates a creative Twitter visualization tool where search results fly in as bird shaped origami. Rolling over the birds will show you the results for your search which is initiated with the search field that is strangely hidden at the bottom of the page.



Twistori is scrolling Twitter display that shows results for Tweets containing one of six phrases like think, feel or believe. It an interesting expression of Twitter and was clearly inspired by, which is still my favorite social media display site, but in this case without the complex and fantastic information display options.


JustBought.It is a location-based social shopping site that lets you share photos and tweets of great deals you find when you are out shopping. It is still in it’s infancy with the only real results in and around New York City but I think this has the real potential to become the next big thing. Consumers are always looking for bargains especially in this economy and giving them access to real time un-biased information information like this could take sample sale shopping to a whole new level.

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