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When Ampersands attack!

Having grown up learning traditional hand set typography on a cast iron print press in my parent’s basement I am a huge type hound.  It’s a disease that I’ve come to embrace over the years. I know that side effects include writing letters to occasional brand to help them see the error of their hideous typography or kerning in their ads.  When I found and this week I was in love. is dedicated to chronicling the worst ampersand designs in typographic history while chronicles the best designs. You can flip back and forth between the two realms of good and evil using the red or green arrow located in the top right hand corner of the site. I personally like the description they have for the best which reads:

“There’s something about graphic designers and aesthetically appealing forms that go hand-in-hand. Who’d have guessed it? Combine that with a slice of typography and the result: an ampersand. It’s sexy, it’s curvaceous, it’s a typographic delight.

So why (pray tell) would someone commit the most horrific of sins by designing a stomach churning ampersand? Let’s face it, there are plenty of boring who-knows-what Unicode characters that no typographer can be bothered to design. But the ampersand is your bread and butter. Bodge the béziers on your acute accents and no one will notice, but design a shit ampersand and you’re going to get blogged (here).”

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