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Digital Life: the comprehensive study of global digital consumers

Digital Life is a new survey that is being billed as the most comprehensive study of the digital global consumer that has ever been conducted. They interviewed almost 50,000 consumers across 46 countries, including all BRIC and most N-11 markets which represent 88% of the global Digital population. They gathered the data by combining survey information with Clickstream data that passively measures actual behavior and unique ways of mapping consumer needs to get a more accurate and complete picture what consumers are doing and why. The four main topics covered are the digital lifestylesdigital landscapedrivers of online behavior and activating social media. I have just started to make my way through the data and I have found some interesting insights and potential trends so the study does have real value and is worth the time to explore.  The microsite expression of the data is too much style and not enough functionality to be able to really explore the data as compared the other option is a series of PDF’s. That being said t seems like a study called digital life about the habits of digital consumers would have had a better digital interface to be able to explore their work.

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