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Top 5 articles of 2010

So as 2010 fades into the distance and we all still write 2010 on our checks and documents for the next month I wanted to take a look at the top 5 most popular articles from last year.

1 – Presenting Creative 101 – Part 1: What are we presenting?

I am extremely happy to see this article come in at the top of the list because it was a real labor of love to put this series together. I really wanted to write the series to share my experience because I never saw this subject seriously discussed and so seeing it s well received has been fantastic.
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2 – Great mobile app development tools

2010 saw me doing a lot of mobile application design and I wanted to call out Briefs which is a great mobile prototyping tool and which is an interesting mobile app creation platform.
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3 – Easy iPhone/iPad sniffer

2010 ushered in the iPad and a whole new era in interactive design that saw the death of the screen fold and the launch of the Flash wars. WE all had to react to the these new developments so I wanted to to share the one thing I couldn’t find anywhere online which was an easy iPad sniffer that let you create alternate iPad specific content.
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4 – Is Apple’s snubbing Flash all about money or a sign of things to come?

2010 saw me fall out of love with Apple  for the first time in 25 years for their childish and money hungry business practices. This article which then lead to Welcome to 1984 (How Apple has become the new IBM) were the most vocal and openly passionate articles in what was this developing war between Apple and Adobe.
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5 – – more Eternal Sunshine than Living Color

For this is the most interesting entry on the list because I really liked Jim Carrey’s new site and the article supports my feeling that is really went under the radar when it was launched.
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So happy new year and thank you all so much for your support, feedback and emails through the years.  And as always f there is anything you think I would like to see or something you want me write about let me know.

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