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Designing the face of IBM’s Watson

There has been a lot of press this week about IBM’s Watson super computer playing on Jeopardy against the shows two greatest champions. In all the hype one story that has been overlooked and I think is the most interesting one of all. It’s how Flash godfather and Praystation founder turned visual artist Joshua Davis designed the “face” of Watson for IBM. It is really fascinating to watch two things in this video.  The first thing is how Josh created Watson’s face (skip to around 1:35) as a blend of the IBM Smarter Planet logo and his own art that had actual meaning beyond just looking cool.  The second thing is that they were able to get Josh so calm and focused for the video because talking to him is always so much fun as the jet lag from his constant world travel and his Red Bull level fight for control of his consciousness. All in all check out the video because the work is fantastic and it is very cool to see Josh’s work recognized on this level.

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