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Running across brands and the Internet for chocolate

The UK ice cream brand Magnum had launched a very cool new microsite called Pleasure Hunt to promote their products. What makes the site so interesting is that you control a female avatar who starts on the Magnum site but then runs through multiple web sites including portals like YouTube and other sites for other brands like Samsung, Dove and Saab collecting Magnum chocolates. The experience is something like playing a hybrid of  old school games like Pac Man and Pitfall. The game augments the simple right, left and jump game mechanics with the ability to jump on pieces of navigation, trigger animated actions that move you rom page to page or through long pages. Then, like any good game, they also change the pacing and move from the running / jumping mechanic to things like being able to control a hand glider or drive a car. All of this variety and interactivity adds up a to really great experience that keeps the game interesting and keeps you wanting to see what happens next. I also really like that Magnum went out and partnered with those other brands to use in the game because it’s great exposure for both brands and makes the experience a lot more interesting.

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