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God Save McQueen

It was around the time I was finishing college that I really started to pay serious attention to high fashion and haute couture. But if I’m being honest even during that time I was aware of high fashion but I didn’t really connect with any of it.  It was too expensive, too stuffy and was being worn by people I just didn’t connect with. Then I saw Alexander McQueen and all that changed. McQueen totally changed the way I looked at fashion. His dark visions, wild imagination and reinterpretations of British culture made for some of the most incredible runways shows I had ever seen.

In the wake of his sudden death a new retrospective was organized by The Costume Institute called Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty and it opened last week at The Metropolitan Museum of Art here in New York City. I went to the show last Saturday and it is NOTHING short of awe inspiring and possibly one of the best retrospectives I’ve ever seen. I say that partially because of the stunning collection of clothes that have been assembled for the show but also for the care and detail that was put into creating the environments that are the backdrops for those clothes.  The combination of the two let’s you really see McQueen’s dark, unique, misogynistic and totally amazing creative visions.  As I moved from collection to collection I found it fascinating to see McQueen’s creative direction but each collection is a wholesale difference from the last as he didn’t rest on past success. Seeing this rampant expression creativity that ultimately manifests in a commercial brand makes this a show that you need to do yourself a favor and RUN to see it as soon as possible.

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