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T Minus: Your personal award show deadline tracker

It’s been the same fire drill at every agency and company I have ever worked for.  You are sitting around going through your day to day routine and you get an email from the Executive Creative Director’s assistant the the submission for Canne or the Webby’s or some big award show are due the next day.  Everyone runs around like a chicken with their head cut off printing boards, making videos and writing project descriptions. And every time the insanity is over you swear that this will be the year you make an Excel with all the award shows and their deadlines so next year will be different. We all know it never is.

But this year might actually be different thanks to T Minus which is your personal award shows deadline tracker. You can log-in with any Google account and customize your calendar from over 120 different award shows in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and Australasia. Once you select the shows that you want to enter you can see the results in a big visual online dashboard or a screensaver that displays each show as a color coded shape letting you know how far away you are from the submission date.

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