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Cross country adventures in letterpress printing

My education in typography was as old school as it could possibly get since I grew up learning this beautiful art on a cast iron letterpress in my parents basement. My father and I wrote, illustrated and printed my storybooks which was a truly magical way to start out as a young designer and typographer but lead to a very confusing experience when I got to Kindergarten and realized all the other kids read books written and created by someone else.

So you can imagine my delight when I found out that artist Kyle Durrie has embarked on a cross country adventure in her custom outfitted 1982 Chevy Step Van AKA The Type Truck which is a fully outfitted letterpress studio. Her tour of the country started in June and end in January of next year as she goes to different events, museums, universities and craft fairs giving people the chance to create their own letterpress works of art. I think this is an incredibly cool idea so if she coming to your city do yourself a favor and experience this incredible art and if not them drop a few dollars to support this genius idea.

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