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Brand Toys: a complex brand visualization tool

I have seen a lot of different brand visualization tools over the years but the most unique one I’ve ever seen is Brand Toys which shows the personality and online buzz of brands expressed through toys. Each toy design is driven by quantitative research from Millward Brown’s BrandZ study and real-time online buzz data. That data is then fed into a set of design rules that a unified design approach and it allows you to make a meaningful visual comparison of the toys for different brands. In the end, this data is shown in the brand’s market research report, allowing the company to see how effective the design will be. The charts below show more specifics about how the toys are created from the data and there are currently over 3000 toys from over 23 different countries and growing.

There are also aspects of the site that go beyond a brand research tool as you can also customize, export and even buy any of the toys you find on the site. If you want to buy a toy the 3D file is sent to which is a 3D printing service but they are very expensive (the one I was interested in was going to run me about $130). Hopefully they will continue to add more brands to the collection as I was only able to find three out of twenty brands I searched for but it is a a great start.

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