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Adobe and Big Spaceship create The Expressive Web

It is obvious that Adobe continues to be a part of the HTML5 conversation in a big way from the launch of their preview of Adobe EDGE to their recent launch of  a new web site called The Expressive Web. The site is both a resource and showcase that highlights some of the most creative and expressive features being added to the web today focusing on twelve new HTML5 and CSS3 features. The design is based around colored blocks that rearrange and animate for each different section of the site and makes extensive use of new features such as CSS3 transitionsCSS3 transformsweb storage and more.

I found it interesting that the site is labeled as a beta and when I dug a little deeper I found out that they decided to launch it this way because the sites has some bugs on older browsers and some devices. So they decided to launch the site as a beta so they could share the resources and information with the community and then share some of the lessons they learned developing the site. You can see their list of lessons learned here which has some good insights and information.

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