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Put up or shut up: The new

Over the past year and a half I ‘ve spoken at several big design conferences about how I believe that mobile and responsive design are going to play a critical role in the future of digital brand experiences. I have not been blind to the irony that while I was talking about the power of mobile my own portfolio site was reduced to nothing more than a semi-smartass message when you viewed it on a tablet or mobile phone. The harsh reality was that the industry changed and I had to come to grips with a few different realities about the state of my career, my time and my ability to keep my portfolio up to date with those trends.

The first was that with my schedule I just don’t have the free time to completely re-design and re-build my site from scratch again. The last time I did a re-design it took me two years to create it and I knew I couldn’t let my site sit in that condition any longer. I also had to embrace the fact that since I don’t have the time to recreate my site it meant that I couldn’t create a really break through design for my portfolio site but I am fine with that.  I know my new site isn’t going to win any design awards but I would rather have a site everyone can see on any device and one I can easily update so the site is a more current representation of my work. With those decisions settled I got to work on creating a new site.

My new portfolio site which launched this morning was built completely on responsive design so it can deliver my work through different layouts customized to desktop , tablet and mobile web browsers. I decided to go with a platform I knew well and so it utilizes the WordPress talents of Kriesi to create the flexible template that drives all of those layouts. The site has 110 projects for 40 different clients covering my work in digital, branding, film and video.  See what you think and check back often as I will be adding a lot of new clients and work in the weeks ahead.

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