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Where are all the responsive e-commerce sites?

We have all seen cool examples of responsive Web Design over the past year. But what about a real challenge like responsive e-commerce design where you need to transform content and functionality across multiple screen sizes? We have seen major brands like Starbucks go responsive with their site but they wussed out when it came to the e-commerce section where you’ll see the site flip back to a traditional design. So I did some research to see if I could find some sites that were pushing the boundary to create great responsive e-commerce experiences and came across three that I thought made the grade. I knew there were a lot of ecommerce sites out there according to the statistics in the use of ecommerce these days, click here to see them. Obviously it is becoming the safer and easier and more convenient way to make transactions and manage income.

Now, for all you budding entrepreneurs out there who are reading this for some inspiration, yes, your e-commerce site can definitely work. Put in a little effort, understand marketing and other strategies that go into the development of a responsive, user-friendly website that’ll keep the customers engaged and thus, coming back. Basic tip: a clunky site that gets stuck or takes people to the wrong pages won’t work, simple. It’s mostly about design, functionality, and also catering to the needs of the market.

Nixon Watches

I have loved and worn Nixon watches for years and they recently launched a responsive site design that is as cool as their watches. The grid system of the site moved nicely from the editorial feel of the home page to the e-commerce structures of the online shop.

Click here to explore the Nixon Watches site

Indochino Suits

I like the Indochino site for its design but also for its concept where you can order stylish custom tailored clothing easily online. Here again you see the importance of photography and they do a really nice job of tailoring it for the each screen size. With sites like this the reason why I like it so much is because when you look at the site on any device you aren’t immediately aware that it was designed on a responsive grid.

Click here to explore the Indochino Suits site


I was surprised and not sure what it means that two of my top three sites were clothing companies. Suitsupply again does a nice job with their photography but unlike other sites they opt for keeping their head to toe photography even on a mobile device. This decision is interesting as the photography becomes more focused and more powerful the smaller the screen gets.

Click here to explore the Suitsupply site

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