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Mind-blowing responsive typography using facial recognition

REsponsiveTypeYou know you work with an amazing group of people when you are always just one email from having your mind blown and today it happened thanks to Katya Nick. Responsive design has been the buzz with digital designers for the better part of the past year as we are now challenged with how to design experiences that can seamlessly move between devices. This conversation normally been limited to creating collapsing grid systems and ways of handling images across these grids.  But today I saw something mind blowingly cool from Marko Dugonjić – responsive typography. In this demo he has created responsive typography that using facial recognition to dynamically change the size of typography based on your distance from the screen. This means that the closer you are to the screen the small the type gets and father away the larger it gets. Like all great ideas it is really simple but really effective. The implications for how this can be used to dynamically change an experience as it moves from desktop to mobile are really exciting. Check out the demo for yourself here.

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