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Pharrell Williams ‘Happy’ is the World’s First 24 Hour Music Video



After an interesting year super producer, art collector and fashion icon Pharrell Williams just released a 24-hour interactive music video for “Happy,” at The video and interactive experience features a constantly shifting and seamlessly transitioning set of hundreds of people singing the catchy song. You can either run in real-time or interact with a clock interface where users can click on specific “times” to skip around the experience. Other interactive elements play with the 24-hour concept like the comments which are time-stamped and can be viewed in time with the live video as an overlay. If it hadn’t been so carefully put together, you’d think it was an attempt to one-up the recent interactive video for Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone.” but this took too much time for that to be true. I found myself letting the video run on my second screen while I work because it is fascinating to explore and see all the different people doing a lot of different interpretations of the idea of happy. Check out the site and entire experience for yourself here.

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