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Beck Reimagines David Bowie’s “Sound and Vision”


It has been really interesting to watch what is going on with the Lincoln car brand over the past few years as they have worked to try to reshape the brand from your father car into something more relevant to todays consumers. They have come a long way with the design of their cars to make them more modern and to create their own visual design language.  They have also been working over the past few years to try to create unique digital design experiences to try to set the brand apart.  Lincoln’s latest project is called Hello Again which is a collaboration with Beck and director Chris Milk to reimagine David Bowie’s classic “Sound and Vision.”

But the interesting thing is that they went far beyond making this a simple cover of the Bowie performance to create something unique and fully immersive. They captured the concert with 360-degree cameras and 360-degree binaural microphones and used the footage to create an online experience where viewers have the opportunity to experience the show from any and every seat in the house. You can click-through a variety of lenses to view the show, as well as experience three distinct and different sound origins: an outer microphone that captures the 160+ musicians up close, an inner microphone that represents what the studio audience hears, and finally a central microphone that lets you hear what Beck hears. The experience can be viewed in standard and high-definition formats but the only problem is that there is so much content that the standard definition takes about 20 minutes to load and the high-definition version average a staggering hour to load. I haven’t been able to get the high-definition version to download under 20+ minutes even on an extremely fast connection and it has taken up to an hour on several occasions.

This is a really unique experience that is unlike anything else I have seen online.  It is also interesting to me because it is one of the first experiences that I have seen that is putting so much high quality content into the experience and makes the bet that people will wait for that high quality content and experience. You can see the experience for yourself here or you can watch a behind the scenes making of here.

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