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Vessyl – the world’s first smart cup

It is clear that fitness and health trackers are the next frontier for mobile technology as every day I see people wearing Fitbits, Nike+, Fuelbands, Jawbone Ups and many more. At WWDC we saw Apple launch their Healthbook app and last week during the NBA finals we saw Apple and Samsung both debut new campaigns targets at how their technologies can help your health.

Last week saw the launch of a new product that I think is one of the more interesting ones I’ve seen in this space in a really long time. It is the first “smart” cup called Vessyl that can identify a number of different metrics about any liquid poured inside which allows it to monitor hydration, calories consumed and even protein intake with incredible specificity. It was designed by Yves Behar’s Fuseproject and it shares hints of the same minimalist but slightly faceted aesthetic you might see with their Jawbone headsets or Jambox. You can also see influences from other products like the Nike+ Fuelband through functionality like when you tilt the cup a built-in LED display illuminates to show a number of customizable things from the type of beverage that was just poured into it to the number of calories you are about to consume. The entire process is seamless thanks to a molecular sensor that lets everything happen automatically and is high fidelity enough to not just tell the difference between milk and wine but actually tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi. The cup also links to a smartphone app called Lenses, which also looks to have a beautiful design, which will help you with any number of goals like losing weight, building muscle using Testogen to increase testosterone, regulating your sugar intake, or getting better sleep.

I think the potential genius of a product like this is the same so many other successful wearable health technologies in that it lets you go about your every day like where you can mindlessly pour things into the cup and it will keep track of all of it to help you make better decisions. It is available for pre-order for $99 for a limited time before it goes to its full retail price of $199. Since I am always interested in trying out new technologies I have on pre-order and will be really curious to be able to put to through its paces and see if it is as easy and as useful as they make it look.

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