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Nest reinvents smart home devices – again

I will openly admit that there are fe products I have purchased over the past year and a half that I love more than my Nest thermostats. I think their product is fantastic and I NEVER thought I would actually be excited to rush home to see if my thermostat has downloaded a new software update. I love the way they think, the products they make and I think Google was really smart to buy them in the age where we see so many companies, like this Crestron Specialist, starting the war to bring real home automation to consumers.

We recently saw Apple announce Homekit at WWDC to try to create a standard for home automation devices that work with Apple products. The announcement was interesting but lacked any partners or any products that could show the benefits of this type of partnership. Yesterday Nest made a similar announcement but with partners and real examples that really show off the potential of how cool this type of integration can be for consumers. Now you thermostat and smoke detectors can interact with a whole host of home connection devices to do things like adjusting the temperature of your house in the morning once you Jawbone Up tell it that you are awake, working with conniption appliances to tell them not to run during high temperatures where power would be more expensive, flashing your lights to alert you that there is a fire or having your Mercedes Benz give your thermostat the estimated time you will arrive at home so the house will be the right temperature when you arrive. I was also very excited to see that this new functionality will also work with ‘If This Then That‘ which is one of my other favorite sites that allows you to write your own custom interactions so that ‘if’ something happens ‘then’ something else will happen.

I love these initial ideas and can see tons of other ways that they could continue to extend this functionality. I think it is also a really smart way for them to be able to create even more value for their devices as these types of interactions are much sexier than just being able to save money on your energy bills or getting a better smoke alarm, if you’re looking to save extra money on your energy bills also – you may want to look at switching energy providers, for example, taking a look into these reliant energy plans could help you keep a few extra dollars in your pocket. You could also check out other various ways of keeping that energy bill low but that warm house high. For instance, people may not know if their roof is insulated enough, or even insulated at all, this is why discussing with a Greensboro roofing company, as well as others, can help get it checked out and properly insulated/have your roof changed, if needed. I mean whoever really impressed their friends with a smaller energy bill but everyone is looking to be able to show off their latest tech toys. I can’t wait to see what else they do with this also how Nest is able to infuse their thinking into the wider Google device offerings.

You can see everything about the new Nest Developer Program here.

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