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MIT Combines All Your Screens Into One Experience

MIT continues to push a lot of really interesting digital innovation out of their Media Lab over the past few years. Their latest creation is called THAW which lets you use your smart phone as a tool to interaction with content on other screens like the one on your computer. The video above does the best job of showing off this technology but basically you put your phone over the screen to look “through” it so you can interact with, pick up or modify the content being displayed.  The most compelling examples are for video games and creative manipulation of images and content.

The work is a result of an internal collaboration between Philipp Schoessler of MIT’s Tangible Media Group, which also birthed a revolutionary, shape shifting display you can reach through and touch, and Sang-won Leigh of the Fluid Interface Group. Tangible Media Group spends its time trying to make the digital world more physical while Fluid Interface Group works to find new ways to make the physical world more digital.

I love seeing what MIT is working on for digital interfaces and if you do any work in this area you should too because there are a lot of really interesting ideas coming out of there all the time.

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