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RE Thinking the Smartphone Camera

HTC unveiled something really interesting at their media event yesterday in New York City – a small camera call the RE Camera. It might look like a tiny periscope but the Re Camera is actually a capable shooter that challenges you to rethink the way you use cameras. The housing is waterproof with an easy to grip and features a built-in sensor that automatically turns on the camera when you pick it up. When you press its single large button on the neck of the camera it will take a photo with the 16 megapixel CMOS sensor, while a long press starts recording full HD video through the 146 degree wide-angle lens. When you are done you can connect the camera to your smartphone or computer through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi or even use your phone as a remote viewfinder for advanced features like slow-motion and time-lapse recordings. They have also done a really nice job creating an entire eco system of accessories that will let you mount the camera in a host of different places. The RE is clearly looking to become a more stylish and commercial viable GoPro with only downside is that all of this coolness comes at a cost as it will debut at $200 which seems high to me. You can find out all about the RE and pre-order your now here.

It is a really interesting time as never before can I remember a time when thanks to sites like Kickstarter and the brands that are following the innovation found there have seen so many interesting and innovative electronics entering the market. I find this interesting because so many small designers finally have platforms that allow their work to find mass appeal and it is also interesting to see how this new competition is effecting the mass market electronics companies. It is a trend that I can only continues so that the best work continues to rise to the top, consumers get more choice and the pace of innovation only continues to accelerate.

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