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Is Fyuse the next evolution of Instagram?

There is a constant arms race these days to figure out how to become the next Instagram, Facebook Twitter or Pinterest for obvious reasons. These companies dominate the modern digital landscape and are bought of hundred of millions if not billions of dollars. People from all over the world sign up to such platforms when they want to interact and socialize with individuals who are from all walks of life. Not only can you find out here about how you can use services like those at Buzzoid or Upleap to help generate more followers or likes. So, although posting content such as photographs and videos on a regular basis can help to draw the numbers to your profile without putting in too much effort, these apps for Instagram likes are a huge success amongst Instagram users to give them the nudge they need to draw people in. This, along with many other reasons, are at the forefront of making these platforms the success that they are today.

As a result, the app stores are filled with companies looking to become the next big thing and I pretty much never see any that I think are very interesting. Last week however a friend turned me on to a new app called Fyuse that is a ‘spatial photography’ app that lets users capture and share interactive representations of the world they call Spatial Photos. The easiest way to think about it is if you could pan around an Instagram photo in three-dimensional space or scrub through a video by tilting your phone. You can watch the video above to get a better sense of how it works.

You create a Spatial Photo in a similar fashion to taking a photo on Instagram with the added feature that you have to tell the app which way you want to record the photography (right, left, up, or down). You then touch the screen to record the photo, it analyses the photo, gives you a ton of image processing options, and then gives you the final product. I think for the app to be successful they need to really look at this process for pre-set or al a carte image processing options because it is too complicated, with few too many steps, and all with UI that need to be stronger and cleaner.

But those problems aside navigating the timeline of the app is a pretty cool experience as you can tilt your phone to explore the preview of each post and then touch it to get the full experience. The user base is pretty small but it is obvious they are looking to change that as there is now flagship content from musician Katy Perry and they are using the app to take photos of fans on her latest tour in an effort to get millennials to start the growth of the app.

Only time will tell if this new contender for social media network glory will become the next big thing as I have written about networks like this in the past that didn’t pan out. If you want to make it as a big social media star, it might be better to stick to Twitter or Instagram, and you might want to buy instagram followers to help get you started as well. But I do think that it does mark the coming era in social media where the content will stop being only static images or text and people will want the content to evolve to something new and more interactive. Like I said… Only time will tell.

Fyuse is available for iPhone and Android on there site which you can find here.

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