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Details about my 3 sessions at Adobe MAX 2015

I am very excited to announce that I will be returning to speak at Adobe MAX for the fourth straight year with two new sessions. I love speaking at MAX for the engagement of the audiences, the energy of the people who attend and the connections I have made over the years. And as a result I think that some of the best session I give every are at MAX because it something I look forward to so much and because I want to be able to give great content to the audience. This year I will be bringing to sessions to MAX


Beyond the Light Bulb: How to Concept, Design and Prototype Great Ideas

Monday, October 5th at 2:45 pm and Tuesday, October 6th at 12:30 pm

For my first session I will be teaming up with my friend Geoff Dowd who is the Director of Experience Design at Adobe. You will know Geoff from his work at Odopod, Frog Design, his time on stage at previous Adobe MAX keynotes and as the brains behind Adobe’s Ink and Slide stylus and ruler. We wanted to create a workshop that would let us teach but also interact with people instead of just talking at them. Our workshop will at how creatives are too often led to believe that great ideas come with a light bulb, but that simply isn’t true. Great ideas take thought, work and a lot of trial and error to perfect. We will walk you through how they create concepts, designs and prototypes for ideas in any medium. The major parts of the workshop will be different ways of concepting your ideas, looking at the difference between concepts and executions, analog and digital sketching exercises and the best ways to prototype and test your ideas in any medium. We will be giving the workshop at two different times – the first on Monday October 5th at 2:45pm and the second is on Tuesday at 12:30pm.


The Crazy Ones: How to Build a World-Class Career

Tuesday, October 6th at 4:15 pm

For my second session I will be reuniting with Trina Cintron for a session that will build on the Crazy Ones series we started last year.  Our 2014 session focused on the skills necessary to be a great leader and this year we will focus on the things we have learned throughout our careers and mentoring our teams to help you understand how to build a world-class career. Some of the things we are going to cover will be how to have the right approach to building a strong foundation for your career, insights on the best ways to understand and evolve your creative process, the best ways to promote yourself while remaining part of your team and what companies are looking for and how to avoid the most common interview and portfolio mistakes. This session will be on Tuesday October 6th at 4:15 pm.

Once again this year all my sessions are filling up fast so be sure to register for Adobe MAX soon and I hope to see you there.

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