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My visual resume concept

I thought I would continue the resume theme this week by sharing one of the things I have been thinking about for a long time and first wrote about in this article over 8 years ago. Over the years I have found myself thinking a lot about how I can get designers to treat their resume more like the piece of design work instead of just exercises in typography. It would seem it would be a natural project since your resume is literally the first impression you make with a potential employer. It is a project I have dabbled with over the years coming with different ideas of how I could solve the problem.

Over the past few years the concept has started to catch on with a slight larger audience as I have seen more of resume concepts creeping up on Pinterest and onto independent sites that will give you tools to create your own. The problem has been that they usually take the form of something that looks more like a Wired magazine infographic rather than a clean and simple piece of design. It is understandable why these more infographic solutions happen because you want this new version to be just as effect as the all text version but for that to happen you have to try to find ways of cramming a lot of information into something visually simple. For my version I have found ways of solving for showing all my different positions, dates, clients and even more difficult events like figuring out how to show the span of time that I have been writing this blog. I have not solved for how to show a lot of other things like awards, talks and other thing.

Even with those shortcoming I figured the purpose of a concept is show thinking and the potential of an idea. So instead of just keeping the concept locked away in my laptop I thought I would open source it and see what people think of it, see what they can make of it and see if it can be made into more of a movement than it has been so far.



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