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Brand Deck: A game that helps you define your brand

Cards Against Humanity for defining your brand.


Cards Against Humanity is one of the greatest games I’ve ever played. If you have no idea what it is you are missing out on an amazing game that’s like a profane version of  Mad Libs where you use cards to answer unusual questions. Now, the designer behind Cards Against Humanity has teaming up Scott Thomas the designer behind the Obama campaign and his design studio Simple Honest Work to create a new game that aims to help you better define your brand called Brand Deck. Scott noticed that at the beginning of many projects clients could not define their brand characteristics. After a few iterations and a lot of positive feedback he decided to launch Brand Deck to share it with the rest of the world.

The game consists of 100 adjectives, 50 on the front, and 50 terms on the back of each card that are meant to contrast each other like one side might read “simple”and the other “complex”. To play need all the people who understand your brand best and each person sorts the cards into the different piles of what you think the brand is, is not and does not apply.  Once all the cards have been placed in the three piles you narrow down the ‘you are’ cards to 1 – 6 cards that best define the brand’s characteristics. It works best when multiple stakeholders play the game at the same time, each with their own deck and are then able to discuss why they chose their final 6 cards.

There is also a Not Safe for Work Brand Deck has not been optimized for client-facing solutions. It was created by teaming up with the guy who knows horrible best, Max Temkin, the co-creator of Cards Against Humanity. The game will still be best played as a group, but instead of around a board room table, this game is best played over a few (too many) beers.

You can more information, watch a video about the game and order the standard or NSFW decks here.

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