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Create Street Art in Virtual Reality with Kingspray

I have long street art for a really long time for the way it redefines a space, redefine how people see art and give a voice to a whole new generation of artists we would not have heard from otherwise. Increasingly street art has been co-opted by major brands to try and make them look like they have authenticity and originality than they atcually do. But this week came an interesting intersection between technology and street art with the launch of Kingspray – a virtual reality street art simulator. The virtual reality experience gives users a wide selection of different paints, stencils and cut-outs, along with a range of locations, surfaces and times of day to work with. The entire experience is recorded so you can rewind and watch the creation from the beginning, share you work with the community or social media and even listen to streaming radio while you world through the Ghetto Blaster located in your work space.

The app already exists in non-VR form, but in the demo below you can see it running on an HTC Vive. It’s cool to see how standing in the 3D space matters even when you’re painting on a flat surface. Your virtual can’s distance from the wall influences how much the spray disperses before it sets. I have used some of the other painting apps on the HTC Vive and wasn’t that impressed but it’s the sense of authenticity that sells this app more than anything, from the photorealistic play space to the apparent abundance and flexibility of features. This is an app tht makes we want to make the investment in a VR rig so that I can finally live out my dream of creating street art without having to invest in all the paint only to find out how much work I would really have to do to be good at it.

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