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Watch my ‘Crazy Ones’ keynote from The Fifteen Seconds Festival

In June I was lucky enough to be invited to Graz, Austria to deliver a keynote called ‘The Crazy Ones: How to Be a Leader Who Inspires Creativity and Innovation’ at the Fifteen Seconds Festival. This two-day event draws over 4,000 people from all over the world to hear from some of the world’s best creative from companies like IDEO, Vice, Hyperloop, Facebook, Samsung and Google. Its one of the best design festivals I’ve ever attended since it is part TED talks, part maker faire and part design festival. You can get a good look at the entire event in this video that covered this year’s festival. My 19 minute keynote is an update and distillation of some of my other talks on leadership adding in some of the new things I’ve learned in my new role. You can also watch all of the keynote talks on the Fifteen Seconds YouTube page.

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