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A new interactive format for my keynote at HOW Design Live 2018

I’ve been talking at design and creative conferences of all sizes for a while, and during that time I noticed one thing always stays same – the format. I stand on stage and try to cram as much information as I can into my allotted time, trying to leave as much time as I can for questions at the end and then stay afterward in the lobby outside the auditorium as long as I can after the session to answer as many questions as I can.

On the one hand, the audience is getting useful information, but on the other hand, that information was generating a lot of questions as they tried to figure out the best way to apply it to their jobs and companies. I knew I had to rethink this conference format after one of my session at Adobe MAX last year when I stood in that hallway answering questions for nearly 2 hours.

I am excited to announce that I am going to pilot this new approach to my talks at HOW Design Live in Boston on Tuesday, May 1st with a two part format.

The first part will be a traditional 45-minute talk at 11:15 am on May 1st called ‘In-house powerhouse: Creating empowered in-house creative teams’ which will share everything I know about the challenges, insights, and strategies I have found to be successful for in-house design teams.

After that session, we are going to do something different where I am giving the control of the next 30 minutes completely over the audience for an ‘In-house Design Therapy Session.’ You can submit the questions you want to be answered and then everyone can vote on them to see which ones will be answered in the session. This new format makes sure that I will answer all the questions that people want to know about and make sure that they are walking away and making the biggest impact they can on their team and company.

I got things started with some of the questions I get asked most often but submit and vote on the questions you need answered for all things in-house design here –




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