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  • Speaking at World Usability Day NYC

    Thursday, November 8 is World Usability Day which was created to raise awareness about the importance usability and last year 40,000...

    Stephen GatesOctober 24, 2007
  • Future of Web Design

    I will be attending the Future of Wen Design conference November 8th in NYC at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center...

    Stephen GatesOctober 24, 2007
  • Not so Interactive Annual

    Last week the latest Communication Arts Interactive Annual landed on my desk. In years past I would spend hours devouring the...

    Stephen GatesOctober 19, 2007
  • Interactive "Best in Show" winner at The One Club lecture series tonight

    Those of you in the NYC may want to stop by The One Club tonight for the Gold on Gold lecture...

    Stephen GatesOctober 10, 2007
  • Adobe XD – Inspire Experience Design

    The Adobe XD (experience design) team has launched a new site called Inspire Experience Design. It is meant to showcase the...

    Stephen GatesOctober 5, 2007
  • Layer Tennis

    Coudal Partners is a design, advertising and interactive studio out Chicago who will broadcast the first live game of Photoshop Tennis...

    Stephen GatesSeptember 28, 2007
  • Pecha Kucha

    There is an interesting and almost underground movement going on with some of the designers I knew here in New York...

    Stephen GatesSeptember 24, 2007
  • – new competition for agencies?

    So I keep hearing chatter in the hallways of different agencies about The site is a Slovenian based online marketplace...

    Stephen GatesSeptember 16, 2007
  • IBM Many Eyes

    IBM’s Collaborative User Experience research group has launched an interesting new online data visualization tool called Many Eyes. Inspite of the...

    Stephen GatesJuly 19, 2007
  • WSJ Creative Leader Challenge 2007

    A friend sent me a link today to a really interesting site from The Wall Street Journal called The Creative Leadership...

    Stephen GatesJune 19, 2007
  • VUZE beta

    Anyone who has been paying attention the past year and a half knows that video is the new standard on the...

    Stephen GatesJune 18, 2007
  • The Flash Files

    Over the years Flash has taken a beating for a lot of reasons – some of which were legitimate and some...

    Stephen GatesJune 14, 2007
  • Web 2.0 Yellow Pages

    I can’t image that I am alone in the fact that if I never hear the term ‘Web 2.0’ again it...

    Stephen GatesJune 11, 2007

    Stephen GatesJune 11, 2007
  • Microsoft Surface Demo at Sheraton New York

    Many of you have probably read the news about the launch of Microsoft Surface table top interactive technology. You may have...

    Stephen GatesMay 31, 2007